New Faces of City Beet Farm

Posted by Madelaine Clerk on

In 2016, we, Elana and Maddy, became the new faces of City Beet Farm. We are two best friend farmers, who met tree-planting what feels like forever ago. We met with our hands in the soil, but had no idea we would be growing veggies together one day.


Elana graduated from the UBC Farm Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture in 2015 and went back to work at the UBC farm for the 2016 growing season. She is working towards completing her M.Sc. in Soil Science from UBC. Elana is dedicated to food justice and has a commitment to equity and anti-racism within the local food movement. She believes that growing food, saving seeds and nourishing the community are done by taking great care of the soil. Elana feels that food is the way we share our love. It is best fresh, healthy and affordable and should nourish our bodies as well as our spirits. 

Maddy has wanted to farm seriously ever since recently. She lives and breathes being sweaty, dirty and moving her body like its meant to. She has learned all she knows from her grandpa, friendly farming in Nova Scotia, and backyard urban farming. She has a business degree from Dalhousie and directs her energy towards all things social enterprise and community. She believes our food system is integral to supporting our environment, sustainable practices and respect for people. Farming, for her, is a way to integrate her entrepreneurial spirit with her passion for nourishing people through local, accessible food. 

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