2019 VEGGIE & Flower BOXES SOLD OUT! Catch us at the Federal Store September 15th for our next market!


While we primarily sell through our CSA program and pop-up markets, we have begun sending a weekly fresh sheet to local grocers and are selling through the wholesale channel. Many of our community members are familiar with City Beet and are looking for local outlets where they can buy our produce.

We typically send out our fresh sheet on Mondays, and aim to have it processed and turned around to your store in 1-2 days. Given that our produce does not need to travel far, we can guarantee a freshly harvested and hyper-local product with a significantly lower carbon footprint. 

We use ecological growing practices that prioritize the health of the soil, so you can be confident that there are no pesticides or practices that do not follow organic principles. We aim to grow the best possible food that people can trust and feel confident in feeding their families.  

To be added to our weekly freshsheet, please contact sales@citybeetfarm.com