2024 Veggie CSA sold out! Flower shares still available

About the Farm

City Beet Farm was born from a commitment between two farmers and a community of homeowners. Today, we grow a wide diversity of vegetables and flowers on a network of 14 front and backyards in the Mount Pleasant and Riley Park neighbourhoods of Vancouver.
Homeowners receive a weekly box of vegetables in exchange for the use of their land and we sell the rest through a Community Supported Agriculture model, at select grocers and through pop-up markets. Our CSA members pay for their vegetables in advance of the season and commit to picking them up weekly throughout the summer. Their upfront commitment gives us the flexibility to make earlier decisions, plan for the season and ultimately grow better food. In this way, we all share the risks inherent in farming. 

Our Methods

Produce is harvested fresh, most often the same day it is picked up by CSA members, who say they notice superior quality and flavour. We offer tours throughout the season for people to see first hand how their food is grown. We use mostly hand tools, and give thanks to the fungi, earthworms, rain and the sun. We use ecological farming practices that improve the long-term health of the soil. We believe that by focusing on the quality and diversity within the soil system pest and disease pressures will remain at bay and the food grown will be more nutritious and flavourful. As farmers we humbly see ourselves a temporary stewards of the lands we have the privilege to work on. 
Our vegetables are grown with the type of love and care that you can taste. We work hard to feed bellies and nourish the spirit of the local community. We hope that you’ll join us in this effort. We are always open to hearing your questions and comments so please feel to contact us at anytime or come find us at work at one of the farm sites.