Your Farmers

We’re Liana (left) and Duncan (right), the farmers at City Beet as of February 1, 2021. We’re looking forward to our first season growing delicious veggies and beautiful flowers in Vancouver.

Farming photos coming soon! photo credits to passers-by Patrick and Mike (top) and Lauren Garbutt (bottom).

Here’s a little bit about us:

Duncan (he/him): My journey into urban farming started in 2014 in Hamilton Ontario, where I spent four seasons working, and two living, on a multi-site, organic, urban farm called Backyard Harvest, while attending McMaster University (where Liana and I met in 2015). I moved to Vancouver in 2018 for a master’s in landscape architecture at UBC. I love to study history, play music, and plant gardens.

Liana (she/her): I grew up in North Vancouver and recently finished my master’s in community and regional planning at UBC. My path so far has largely been motivated by wanting to find ways to build community and reduce our impact on the environment, and I'm excited to get my hands dirty growing veggies. I like wandering around on foot, cats, and stories.