2024 Veggie CSA sold out! Flower shares still available

Farm Offerings

Our 2024 Vegetable CSA is sold out! Thank you so much to everyone who signed up. We still have flower subscriptions available-- see options for summer floral goodness below!
We offer both vegetable and flower bouquet subscriptions through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. As a CSA member, you pay upfront to receive a season of veggies or floral bouquets, picked up weekly.

As a Veggie CSA member, you will eat locally with the season! The early weeks contain a lot of greens, some roots and strawberries, and usually slightly fewer items overall, with yields increasing as we get to high summer. As the season progresses, the items in your weekly share will diversify to include fruiting crops like cucumbers and tomatoes through the summer to potatoes and squash in the fall-- and much more! We strive to ensure that there is always a good balance between staple items and vegetables that might take some creativity to prepare.

Our aim is to have 7-10 items in the share per week, and for the average weekly value to be $35. Most of our share members tend to be from households of two to four people and report that they're satisfied with the volume of veggies they're getting! We plan for the share to last 20 weeks, but if we end up with a few higher value pickups it might go to 18 or 19 weeks instead-- we'll let you know once the final weeks are in sight.

Pickups are on Wednesdays between 4:00-6:30 pm, throughout the months of June-October, outside the Federal Store at 10th Ave and Quebec St in Vancouver. We set up the veggies market-style, so you get to choose the exact bunches you take home and make a few choices between selections when available. In the event that you cannot pick up your box, we ask that you invite a friend or family member to pick up on your behalf. It makes for a wonderful gift! 

Below you will see that you can choose to pay for the veggie CSA all at once, or in four split payments. The product you receive will be the same-- they're just two different payment methods! 

You can read the full terms and conditions of CSA membership here.

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