Terms and Conditions

CSA Terms and Conditions

Please read ALL this information about City Beet Farm’s CSA program. We want you to be well informed before you sign up so that there aren’t any surprises!

As your farmers we do our very best to bring you a diverse array of vegetables and beautiful flowers throughout the season. We are committed to making the portions generous and boxes abundant so that you can share the bounty of the farm with loved ones.

As CSA members you will be required to sign up for our Newsletter. Please ensure you have selected “yes” to receiving email notifications from us as this is our primary method of communication. This is how you will be notified about the first pick-up date and any other important information about the farm. We share farm stories, personal tales, pictures and recipes in our weekly newsletters. We hope that you enjoy reading them!

As a veggie box member, you will receive 7-10 items as part of your weekly share. We select the items based on what is ready on the farm. The entire farm is about a 1/2 acre split over 15 sites, therefore we must maximize our space with planting. For this reason we do not grow things like corn, cauliflower or broccoli heads, fruit (other than strawberries), or very many onions, potatoes and squash. The first couple boxes of the season tend to be quite ‘greens’ heavy, however as the season progresses the diversity will expand. 

You will be required to come pick up your vegetables and/or flowers from the Federal Store at 10th Ave and Quebec Street from 4-6:30 pm on Tuesday evenings. If you are unavailable to pick up your box at that time please have another individual pick it up on your behalf. They will simply need to let us know on whose behalf they are picking up. A reminder that though we call it a vegetable box we do not provide a box or bag to carry your vegetables home in. Please bring your own bags to fill up and tell your friends to do the same if they are collecting for you.

Missed Box Policy: If you forget to pick-up, please contact us by 9 am on Wednesday and you will have a second opportunity to pick up on Wednesday. This applies for forgotten boxes or if you run late. However, if you are going to miss a week, because you are away, we ask that you please gift the box to a friend! We still ask that you make every effort to make the regular Tuesday pick up time as part of your commitment to our farm community. For each individual we can accommodate no more than two missed pickups. 

We hope to be as transparent about our process as possible, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email. We hope that you enjoy your experience as part of the City Beet Farm community and we look forward to being your farmers.